Gangehi Island Resort & Spa - SCUBA & DIVING CENTER

Dive in a wonderful world

Our certified diving center

Thanks to its strategic location in North Ari Atoll, Gangehi Island Resort is able to offer innumerable diving sites suitable foreither beginners, more advanced or expert divers with qualified multilingual PADI and SSI instructors.
The SNSI, PADI and SSI Dive Center is a highly certified diving center that guarantees the highest level of quality and professionalism.
The dive center offers complete sets of equipment for hire including Gav, masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits, dive computers and underwater digital cameras, as well as personalized services suitable for both adults and children.

Diving FAQ

I am a certified diver. Do I need insurance?

Yes, you need appropriate insurance for diving or scuba diving. Diving insurance is available at the Diving Center.

At what age can children learn to dive?

Surprisingly enough, children can start scuba diving at only 8 years old. From 10 years upwards they can instead participate in all our basic courses.

I have certifications for diving, can I rent the equipment?

Of course, all the diving equipment is available at the diving center including BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel, dive computer and belt.

Do you also organize beach dives?

Yes, as the dive center is located near the beach and allows you to dive to the coral reef.

Can I swim with manta rays, sharks, whale sharks, turtles?

In the season of, from December to April, it is very common to spot some of them while sharks are easily observable all year round in the nurse, leopard and gray varieties.

Do I need a medical certificate to dive?

All divers are strongly advised to undergo a regular medical examination before arrival at the facility to verify their suitability. However, we will take care of a self-suitability test before the dive.

Do I need to book in advance?

It is not necessary to book diving or diving packages unless you are part of a large group. However, it is best to contact us if you wish to do Rescue, Dive Master and some specialty courses.

Can I learn to dive on Gangehi?

Of course, we are here for this. Gangehi is an excellent place to learn to dive with its spectacular marine life, warm water and visibility under water.

I heard that you organize a day trip, can you tell me more?

In addition to our normal activity, we also organize a whole day with three different dives. We dive into some of the most famous and spectacular sites in the Ari atoll and Rasdhoo atoll, such as Hammerhead Point, MaayaThila, Fishhead, MalhossThila. Breakfast and lunch are provided on board, for the excursion a minimum of 6 participants is required.

Do you provide nitrox for free?

Yes, we provide nitrox between 28% and 32% at no additional cost.

What kind of boats do you use?

We use a modern 16m dhoni, convenient and fast, equipped with all safety devices, oxygen kits, first aid kits and emergency communications. During the dives we offer refreshments with water, biscuits and fresh coconut.