Reach and experience the island

Our Resort can be reached by seaplane in just 25 minutes from the capital Malè. You will be asked to contact us in order to communicate your fly detail 3 days before your arrival and then we will give you all the information regarding your service transfer and its conditions, such as baggage allowance and seaplane flight times.

Children are welcome and parents are requested to take care of them in order to avoid dangerous situation  or circumstances which could ruin the peaceful atmosphere of the Resort.

The currency used at the Resort are dollar and rufiyaa, which is the local money. The extras can be paid in dollars, euros or by credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Unionpay are accepted).

The voltage is 220V, our front desk can provide you with adapters.

Ecosustainability, aquatic climate and fauna

Our Resort has implemented new systems to reduce the impact on the planet as much as possible, like low-consumption lamps and an air conditioning system that also works as a water heater using an internal heat exchanger. This small but ingenious invention allows us to save an average of 1,200 KW per day and contributes to making Gangehi an eco-resort.

The Maldives enjoy a year-round tropical climate, subject to the influence of the monsoons, winds that blow in different directions according to the seasons. There are two seasons: the dry season of the “Iruvai”, monsoon from the Northeast, from December to May, and the rainy season of the “Hulhangu”, monsoon from the Southwest, from May to November.

Average temperatures are 28 ° / 31 ° throughout the year. Around the Resort you can enjoy the view of the fantastic coral reef while in the waters you can admire a great variety of fish like manta rays and small sharks, all absolutely harmless for human health.

Visa and spoken languages

Visa is issued free of charge upon arrival and the tourist VISA is valid for 30 days only
On our Island are spoken English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Divehi.